Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

All things work together for good to those who love HIM (Jesus). This is really true in my life. When I got married, there were a lot of trials that we faced but God helped us overcome those trials. If we just trust on HIM, everything will really turn out right. We may not know instantly the purpose for those things to happen but God will reveal to us in His time. Last month, we faced another trial. We were harassed by people who are claiming that they own the other house (the other unit at the back of our house where my sister in law land my husband’s relatives live). My husband’s cousin also was claiming that he owns the house. The truth is that, it was his cousin’s account in Pag-ibig that they used (of course with consent). He knows that he didn’t even spend a single centavo for that house. We already gave up the other unit to the one’s harassing us to avoid trouble but the situation became worse since my husband’s relatives living on the other unit won’t leave the house. His cousin even threatened that he’s going to kill us. It stressed a lot. The situation becomes worse since there are two parties claiming the house. Everyday (As early as 5 am), the other party claiming the house comes and talk to my husband. One day when my husband was not around, they came back and I was the one who talked to them. I don’t like the way he talks because he sound like threatening us if we won’t give the house. I was crying out of fear. I was so worried. When my husband came, he was so worried since I am on the third trimester of my pregnancy. So we decided to give up the house and hand it over to the other party since his cousin already is living on the other house. We looked for a house to be rented. Thanks God for his provisions. We were able to find a house to rent.
Just yesterday, the city was flooded including some parts of Misamis Oriental because of the typhoon Sendong.  Vamenta Subdivision was also affected. It was where we used to live. A friend told us that the place was also flooded and that the people living there stayed on their roof just to save themselves. God really spared us from the flood. Now I know that God allowed those trials to happen to spare us from the flood. He really reveals everything in the right time, in His time.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I just had my ultrasound and it’s a baby boy. My husband was not around when I had my ultrasound because he was in Xavier University for his MA class. When he arrived at the clinic, he immediately asked for the baby’s gender. I smiled at him and then he asked, “is it a baby boy?” Then I nod and smile. He was so happy.  I know it was one of the happiest moments in his life.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s

I am thankful to God for giving me another year. It was just a simple celebration with my husband, my mother, cousin and few friends. My father was not able to come since no one is going to take care of his pigs. My sister was also not around since she was busy with her work. We had a simple dinner at home. I myself cooked. We had grilled fish, sweet and sour crabs, spaghetti, shanghai rolls, and salad. They all liked the food I prepared. I am thankful to my husband for allotting a budget to be spent for my special day.

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