Sunday, September 11, 2011

first wedding anniversay

It’s our first wedding anniversary. I am so thankful to God for always being there for us. My husband had to work during this day. He was busy the whole. He never failed to greet me a happy anniversary early in the morning. I was a little upset because he still goes to work even it is Saturday and it is our special day. He spent the whole day at school. He told me that we will just be having a dinner date after his work. It was already past 5 o’clock in the afternoon and still he’s not yet home. No text message or call from him. I became mad. I even cried. I was hurt. I texted him that I was upset and hurt. He explained to me that he did not forget. It’s just that he was obliged to report to duty and he had lots of responsibilities in school. He told me that he will wait for me at Mandarin Restaurant in Velez St. He told me to bring clothes since we’re not going home. We had our dinner and he gave me a bouquet of red roses. We spent our night at Harbor Lights Hotel, the place where we got married. I was happy again. I knew he really loves me and I was just impatient. :)

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