Saturday, April 23, 2011


Menstruation delayed.  I don’t want to expect but I really had the strong feeling that I am pregnant. To satisfy my curiosity, I bought a pregnancy test over the counter. My friends told me that it’s best to take PT early in the morning so I did. It was indicated in the box of the PT that the result will appear in less than 5 minutes. I dropped few urine on the sample well and waited. It displayed negative. I was dismayed. I threw the PT to the garbage bag. I went to my bed and tried to sleep but there is something in my mind that tells me to get the PT. So I got up and took the PT from the garbage bag. I checked it and saw a very faint line below the first line. My heart pumped faster. I was confuse if I am really pregnant or not. So I decided to research on the net if it is still considered positive even though the second line  is very faint. The answers are all YES. To satisfy my confusion, I decided to buy another PT, still the second line is faint but his time is more visible compared to the first one. But I really wanted to see a clearer line so again I bought another PT and this time the lines are clearer. I was still confused. So my husband and I decided to see a doctor. The OB Gyne handed me another PT.  No doubt, I am pregnant. My husband and I are so happy but I still have fears inside. I always pray to God that He will give to me this baby this time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soaring up High Graduates

Life has just began and another chapter of our life has added. I am so blessed to be one of the coordinator of Tributes to the graduates at Blessed Hope Christian Community Church. Every year we are celebrating this event, from Elementary, High School and College and Graduate School. Level up of our status in terms of our professions.
There is a lot of preparation for this since we want that the graduates will have a special treatment for a realization that they will soaring up high to another level.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hong Kong, 'Til We Meet Again

Travelling is one of my passions. I dreamed of travelling here and abroad.  These dreams are now coming into reality. My first international trip abroad is in Hong Kong, it was a gift from my husband. When you’re in Hong Kong, you should not miss to visit these places: Madame Tussauds  and be amazed of the wax figures; Victoria Peak (The Peak) where you can see the Hong Kong skyline; Ocean Park where you can have breath-taking extreme rides  and see the mixes of educational animal shows (the park is really good for all ages); the Avenue of Stars which is modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; the Kong Park which is an outstanding example of modern design and facilities blending with natural landscape; have a magical moment at HK Disneyland; visit  Shek – O Beach which is a good access to the city’s best surfing on the big waves; and of course, go shopping at Hong Kong market where you can see the populace’s exuberance and passion for bagging and bargain. If you’re a Filipino traveler, you must visit the World Wide House where most of the people are Filipino’s. There, you can buy Filipino food and stuffs that you need. You can also buy access tickets for Ocean Park and Disneyland for a lower price. If you’re not in a hurry and you want to explore the place for less, you can take the tram. It can take you anywhere for just HKD2. You could also take the bus and the MTR if you are in a hurry, but of course, with a more expensive fare. We really had a nice week in Hong Kong and I am still hoping that we can go back to this wonderful place, this time with kids.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HK Grand Vacation

It was my first time to travel abroad. It was a dream came true. Last January when I visited my husband in their office, I had nothing to do so I browsed the net. I tried to check cebu pacific’s website if there are promos. They had a promo for HK for only Php 888 back and forth. My husband decided to purchase a ticket for us. He then contacted his nephew and cousin who lives in HK if they can accommodate us. We didn’t spent that much since the ticket was on sale, the accommodation and food is free courtesy of my husband’s relatives. His niece even paid the entrance fee and fare at the Madame Tausudds. When we arrived at the HK international airport, his niece fetched us. We stayed at their flat in Quarry Bay. The next day, we went to Shek O beach and stayed in my husband’s cousin. We stayed there for two nights then we went back to Quarry Bay. We were able to visit Ocean Park. I was amazed with the extreme rides. I took some of those rides which were so exhilarating. My favorite was the abyss (the super drop down) 200 meters high. We also went to Disneyland. There, I felt like a kid again. We were able to witness their parade, went to see their 4D cinema, and many others. At night, we witnessed the castle illumination and fireworks which lasted for 30 minutes or more (I think).  I wished to visit this place again in the future together with our kids. I thank God for this opportunity and for my husband for this wonderful vacation.

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