Thursday, May 31, 2012

Viral Cough

There is no "quick fix" for a cough due to viral infection. Oh my! How long will I be wearing my mask since this cough is contagious?  This really tests my patience - the patience of waiting. According to the article I read, this type of cough usually last up to four weeks. I've been coughing for a week now so I still have three weeks to go. Oh God, I hope this cough goes away tomorrow. Cough, be good to me. Please go away tonight. LOL. Since there is no cure for this cough, all I need to do is to boost my immune system and drink lots of water. Seriously, I really wish this cough to be gone. It really bothers me and it disturbs my sleep.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I hate this feeling

This cough really makes me sick. Grrrr. I wish it'll be gone tonight and won't come back anymore. Coughing really disturbs me. It even hinder me from bonding with my baby. I really missed cuddling my little boy. I missed kissing him. It's been five days since the last time I was able to cuddle and kissed him until this stupid cough came. Ohhh God please heal me. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Menstruation, I want You Back

Finally, I was able to see my OB Gynecologist just this morning. I was with my office mate since we have the same OB-Gyne. We're not actually having our prenatal check up but we're there for a Family Planning counselling. We consulted our doctor for the best contraception that is suitable for us. The doctor has given us options, from pills to injectables. Since both of  us are oblivious, we prefer to go for the injectable. However, I need to have our regular menstruation back before the doctor can have us injected. I still don't have my period since I gave birth so the doctor gave me pills that I should take 3 times a day for three days. I will then count 7 to 10 days after my last intake of the pills. By that time, my menstruation should be back. I hope the pills are effective. I really want my regular menstruation back.

What Is It?

an aging actor oh so furious

The Modified Picture Frame

Want to make your own baby's picture frame with less cost or no cost at all? Try to look for old photo frames that's of no use. You just have to modify it to make it look new, just like what I did. I was planning to give a framed pictures of my baby to my mother. I printed different pictures of my baby with different moods and I planned to place them all together in a big photo frame. I was looking for big frames at a shopping center but the good ones are quite expensive. Then I remember, we have a big menu board. Yes, a menu board. That was actually left by the former tenant of the house we are renting. To make it look good and lively, I bought some Winnie the Pooh stickers (since Pooh is my favorite cartoon character) and placed them on the frame. I also placed an I LOVE YOU at the center of the frame using some yarns. We don't need to spend a lot. We just have to use some resources at home and be creative.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Please Go Away

It really hurts. I really don't want this. What's worse? It's inside my nose. I hate this stupid pimple. It really hurts especially when I sneeze and when I clean my nose. But this pimple isn't contagious so I don't worry at all. I still can bear the pain.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Today's Breakfast

We harvested our mushroom just this morning and I cooked it for breakfast.  I cooked my very own stir fried mushrooms with veggies. It's just a simple, affordable, easy to cook viand but definitely it tastes good, yummy and best of all it's healthy.

Just want to share to you my recipe of the day.
1/4 kilo oyster mushrooms (you can still use another variety of mushrooms)
1/4 kilo cabbage (sliced)
100 grams baguio beans (sliced)
100 grams carrots (sliced)
100 grams sayote (chayote)
 maggi magic sarap
1/2 cup water
garlic (3 cloves crushed)
onion ( 1 medium size sliced)
1 tbsp. cooking oil

Heat the wok. Add oil and saute onions and garlic. Add the mushrooms. Cook for 1 minute. Add the vegetables. Add 1/2 cup of water and season with maggi magic sarap to taste. Cook for 1 minute in low heat or until half done. Do not overcook the vegetables. Serve hot. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good news

I just received a text message from my tatay (father) few minutes ago. My baby's new nanny has arrived. I knew the nanny very well. I call her aunt since she's the wife of my mother's cousin. With her taking care of my little boy, I am confident that my precious baby is in good hands.

My New Found Meat Substitute

Mushrooms can be a great substitute for meat. I just knew it recently when one of our friends introduced it to us. I started eating mushrooms when I was just a kid but I didn't realize that it could be a substitute for meat. I also learned from him that mushrooms can be cultivated. The idea of cultivating mushrooms interests me a lot. My husband and I once visited a mushroom house in Opol. I was amazed to see the fruiting bags with mushrooms on it. We wanted to have our own fruiting bags so we decided to buy a few. Just this week, we were so amazed to see that we already have grown our own mushrooms. I was even more amazed to see that its growing fast. I am so excited to harvest some tomorrow.

It's getting bigger.....

I was amazed to see my mushrooms early this morning, they already tripled their size. 

CeeJay's Big Bottles

I've been wanting to buy a big feeding bottle for my baby but I find it too expensive. I've been wanting for this for 2 months because of the nice feedback I heard from my friends (aside from its size which amazed me). I was planning to buy one for my baby before the year ends. Thanks to my husband's cousin Nang Stella. She gave my baby two avent bottles that I've been longing for. I was just planning to buy one, but we already got two for free. God really is great. He just gave me what my heart desired for my baby to have.

Monday, May 21, 2012

CeeJay, You're a Blessing

We dedicated our little boy to God yesterday. We acknowledge God's sovereignty  over the child and to us the parents as well. Before the actual ceremony, Bishop Bong  counselled us, the parents and the godparents. He emphasized to us our responsibilities towards the child. I was so amazed with my baby during the counselling. He was so behaved. He was even more behaved when  Bishop Bong prayed. He was just staring at Bishop Bong as if he wanted to talk. Everyone in the house admired him for behaving so well. He's such a good baby. After the ceremony was the feast. We really thank God for His provision, for the realization of our baby's dedication. We thank God for the lives of the people who were around during the celebration. 

We thank God for the gifts our little boy received. We really thank God for everything. We know that without him, the dedication of our baby boy will not be realized.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun Run


This photo was taken during the CDO fun run 2010. I really love the official jersey they gave. I love the color and the design. How I wish I can participate again in any fun run, soon.

Pineapple Ohhh So Fresh

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. We used to have few pineapple plants when I was a kid. I love to eat this fruit because its sweet and juicy. When I grew up, I seldom eat pineapple. I can only eat pineapple if I happen to pass by a fruit stand or if I go to the market. I miss eating fresh pineapples. Good thing, when we visited my husband's relatives in Camp Phillips, Bukidnon yesterday, they prepared some fresh pineapples. These were not just ordinary pineapples. It came from the pineapple farm of Del Monte Philippines. These pineapples are for export but since his relatives works in Del Monte, hey have the privilege to buy this kind of pineapple, the ones they call MV2.  This type of pineapple are so sweet eventhough its peel is still green. We are thankful to his relatives, we were able to bring home some big MV2 pineapples.

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Lesson Learned

I learned something new today. Jackie of God Brought Me Here For A Reason taught me how to link my blog. Looking forward for new lessons to be learned next week. Thanks much girl!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Live Signature

I am still on a Tutorial mode for blogging. One of the things that I learned today is how to have my live signature.... Thanks to my friend Jackie of God Brought Me Here For A Reason.

Looking forward for more posts to post. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bad Nanny

My baby's nanny asked permission from me a month before May 15 that she will go home to attend the birthday of her eldest daughter. She promised to be back today. Too bad, I received a text message from her late this morning that she's not sure if she can come back. She told me that she and her daughter is having fever and that her mother won't allow her to go back. I tried to believe on her excuse but when I checked her cabinet, she already brought all her things. If she really had plans of coming back, she should have not brought all her things home. I can't force her to stay if she no longer wants to work with us but she should have told me frankly. I already told her to tell me ahead of time if she wants to resign so I could look for a replacement. I can't believe she have done this to us. We treated her nicely, paid her on time, and I even bought school supplies for her daughter. We didn't even scolded her for all the mistakes she have done, when she brings my baby to the neighbor's house or to her aunt's house without our permission. It's hard to believe her since that was what she did from her previous employer. She told them that she's going home to her family to visit her children but she never returned. I don't worry if my baby still doesn't have a nanny this time. I know God will provide us a better nanny soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

plain housewife

It's my third day of being a plain housewife. I love being with my baby the whole day. How I I wish I could take care of him 24/7 but I know it is impossible. We have to meet a lot of payables such as house rental, monthly dues for the equity of our housing unit, Pag-ibig monthly amortization, etc. I need to help my husband earn in order to meet the finances since he still have deductions with his salary. I know God is able and I am clinging on to His promises. My God is able and He is my JEHOVAH JIREH.

MYM: Big Help for Mommies

Breast pumps, whether electric or manual, is really a big help for nursing moms who are working like me. Thanks to this simple machine, I can now pump milk and store it in the fridge and bring it home for my baby. Now, my milk will no longer be wasted.

Friday, May 11, 2012


My husband bought an advance mother’s day gift for me. It’s a silver necklace with a heart design and a heart pendant.  The two hearts symbolizes his and mine’s heart. It was so sweet of him. It may be a simple gift but I will treasure this for I know it comes from his heart.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Come Again?

Why can't the confining upgrade grade the disorder?

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Mothers Day is fast approaching. The best gift that we can give to our mothers is our time and love. I would love to go home and be with my mother on Mother's Day but I couldn't since my son is still a baby and it wouldn't be healthy for a 3 month infant to have a long travel. I know my nanay can understand. I still can show my love and give her my time on that special day by making a phone call, talk to her, and let her hear the voice of her one and only grandchild - my son ceejay.

My Sissy's new Samsung pl20

My one and only sister called me up early this morning. She asked if I could accompany her for a while. She's planning to buy her very own digital camera. She wanted me to accompany her since she's not that techie. So I told her to see at Limketkai Mall since I am working near the said establishment. We went to different stores to canvass. She was looking for a cheaper camera with nice specs. After an hour, we decided to buy one. She chose the Samsung pl20. I can see in her face that she's so happy having bought her very own camera. I am so happy for her. It was a fulfillment in her part that she was able to buy a gift for herself, something that she once longed for.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hyperventilation Syndrome, There you go again

It's been three years since I suffered hyperventilation syndrome. That was during the time I was suffering from hypertension. I had difficulty in breathing. I had to breathe deeply as if I was running out of air. I always feel dizzy and always had a headache. So I decided to have my blood pressure check. I was so shocked when my BP's high. So I decided to see a cardiologist to be sure. I was diagnosed of having "Hypertension". Laboratory tests were conducted. I was not allowed to eat the foods I used to eat, foods that I always love to eat. I could only eat fish and vegetables. I was not allowed to eat oily foods; drink caffeinated drinks. I was not even allowed to drink chocolate drinks. I was still allowed to eat chocolates but only dark choco.  I really had a very healthy diet. Because of that, I was able to trim down excess/unwanted fats. I had a healthier and slimmer body. I no longer suffered from hyperventilation syndrome. Years passed and I was back to eating unhealthy foods. I was no longer careful with my diet. I was so confident because everytime I have my BP check, it was always normal. I was no longer hyperventilated. Not until today, just this morning, that I was having difficulty in breathing. I was hyperventilated. I know it's because of my diet which is no longer health. I then came to realize that I need to go back to my healthy diet. I need to be healthy because I have a baby to take care of. It's not just for my own benefit but for everyone I love: My family.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Like mama

My little boy already knows how to lie in prone position by himself. I usually helped him lie on that position when he's asleep for him to have a longer sleep. I noticed that when he sleeps in prone position, he used to place both hands under his tiny pillow. He really got this mannerism from me.

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