Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soaring Up High

Every year we celebrate the "tributes to the graduates." It was april 18,2010 in the afternoon at blessed hope Christian Community Church International. I was one of the coordinators for the said event and it's really great to witness young people who are leveling up to another degree, from elementary to high school and high school to college degree and from college degree to graduate school.
The event was heart warming, giving thanks to God almighty and to their parents. There are times we achieve something in our lives because of inspiration and motivation of other people who help us a lot. The activity was successfully done and after that we have our snacks serve and fellowship. God bless and more power graduates :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Summer Class

It's summer time and its a vacation time for students. Its a little bit hot and a lot of work to be done. i am thankful and blessed that i still have a work on summer wherein we can save for the rainy days hehehe. This picture was taken last year at singapore Zoo. So amazing, it was my first time to see a white tiger, kangaroo, and etc.
Singapore is a nice place to have a vacation and go shopping for gadgets. We really had a great time visiting that place.

But this year's summer, i will just focus on my work having a summer class for 2010. I still love teaching and i thank God for giving me students who are interactive, they really participate at the classroom discussion. I am looking forward to go back to Singapore and hopefully next time i will consider working there. God bless to everyone.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Life is worth living if you know your direction through the guidance from up above. I am so happy to be part of this blogger because somehow i can express what is on my mind, my feelings and what's going on with my life.
This is my first time to publish a write up on this site and thank God for my friends who helped me to be part of this blogger site. At first i was a little bit hesitant to be part of this. But somehow, it's just a matter of expressing yourself of what you really think of and somehow it really help me to be mindful and be a thinker.
Happiness for me is that as i end up sooner my single life i am facing a new horizon in which i will be having a partner in life who is so loving and a most wonderful wife to be. I am very much willing to share my life with her because she is worth it. A very special blessing that has been given by God to me and an answered prayer.

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