Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Gift

My monthly period is delayed so I decided to buy a pregnancy test and indeed I was right, it’s positive – I am pregnant. My husband and I are both happy for this precious gift inside my womb and even my parents. They are so excited to have their first grandchild. Whatever the gender will be, we already had prepared a name for our baby. I know I need to take extra care for my health not just for me but for the precious gift inside my womb. I need to be healthy so that my baby is healthy. I am taking vitamins and I drink anmum materna regularly  which helps in the development of the baby. I can’t wait for the baby to grow and for my tummy to get bigger. So excited to feel the kicks soon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Do

September 10th  2010, 4PM. The day I said I do to the man God gave me. Goodbye singleness. Hello married life.
I was filled with mixed emotions on our big day. Tears fell from my eyes when I was about to walk on the aisle. I really can’t figure out the exact reason why I cried. Maybe I was touched by the song that was sung by my husband. All I know is that those were tears of joy.

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