Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming 2011

Time flies so fast. It's another year an hour from now. I am so excited for the next year (2011). So excited to receive all the blessings God has prepared for me and my family. I'm so blessed to have a God who is really a Jehovah Jireh

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bacolod City, I'm Coming

I will be celebrating Christmas and New Year in Bacolod City. This would be the first time I'll be celebrating the holidays away from my family. I know I will be missing them on these days. Life is different now. I am already married and I could no longer decide on my own. We need to go to Bacolod City, the hometown of my husband, to visit the place and to see his family and relatives since some of them were not able to come during our wedding. I'll be missing my family but I am still looking forward for a happy and memorable vacation in the city of smiles.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost 30

I thank God for giving me another year. I just turned 29 yesterday. We celebrated my birthday with a simple dinner together with my husband's family and friends. How I wished my nanay and tatay were here but they were not able to come. I am hoping that they will be here on my 30th birthday. 1 more year and I'll be 30. I'm so thankful to God for all the things He has done in my life for the past 28 years. Now that I am 30, I am more excited to the surprises God is going to give me. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Precious Gift, Gone Suddenly

I was wondering why the ultrasound technician was so silent when she was taking the ultrasound. I was expecting that she will show me the heartbeat of my baby but she said nothing. I didn’t care to ask anything since the result will be given to us after an hour. When we got our the result, my heart beat faster when I read the result. I really don’t know the exact meaning of the words that captured my attention, “EMBRYONIC DEMISE”. And one more thing, there was a remark, “HEARTBEAT, NOT APPRECIATED”. I was not at ease after reading those words. I had a feeling that there is something wrong with the result. Since my OB Gyne will be in her clinic at 2PM, we decided to go to the house of my cousin. I was so worried with what I have read. My husband kept on telling me that everything is alright . I was really worried and nervous so I decided to search for the meaning of those words on the internet. I was right, something is wrong. I wanted to  cry but my husband told me not to believe on what I have read on the internet since it is not a reliable reference. When it was almost 2 PM, we went to the doctor for her to see and interpret the result. She can’t believe on the result f the ultrasound since all the laboratory tests that I had are all fine. I heard it from my OB Gyne’s mouth clearly. The embryo inside my womb doesn’t have a heartbeat and had stopped growing. To make me calm, she asked me to have a second ultrasound after a week before she can have the final diagnosis. I stayed calmed inside the clinic but when we went out, I could no longer help but cry. I was crying really hard. I couldn’t believe with what I heard. A lot of questions came into my mind why it all happened. I took care of my health, I eat healthy foods, I even have vitamins and milk to support my pregnancy.
When we got home, my husband always comforted me and told me everything will be alright. We still have the second ultrasound after a week. The thought of a miracle that the heartbeat will be heard after a week made me strong and calm. Outside the hospital, we saw Papas and we told him about the result of the ultrasound. He advised us to see another OB Gyne for a second opinion. So we went to another OB. He still had the same recommendation with my first OB Gyne, to have a  second ultrasound after a week. Week passed and I had my second ultrasound but sad to say, it still had the same result. No heartbeat. And worse, I already have internal bleeding since the embryo starts to detach. The doctor told me that the embryo should be removed from my womb so that I will not be poisoned. I took a maternity leave. I was admitted to the hospital and had IV on my arm. The doctor had to inject medicine on the dextrose which help my cervix t open and have the embryo come out. 24 hours passed and nothing happened. I didn’t even feel pain. So the doctor advised us to go home and he gave me medicines that I am going to take orally. Those medicines worked and the embryo came out. It was so painful literally and emotionally.  I was again admitted to the hospital for the Dilation and Curettage. This time I was already calm. When I was taken back to my hospital room after the operation, tears fell from my eyes knowing that the precious gift is really gone. I was really sad that I cry often. I cannot understand the reason why this has to happen. I had sleepless nights. I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry. I cry and cry day and night. I search for an answer why it happened. I searched for the cause of the embryonic demise but there is no specific cause and clear explanation. My husband is always there to comfort me and to me strong. He never fail to pray for me. He was hurt deep inside to see me crying often. He always pray to God to give us strength and peace of mine. I placed everything to God, always asked Him to comfort me and give me strength. Days passed and I realized that God had healed the pain inside my heart. I have already accepted that God had better plans for us. I know that He will give us our bundle of joy in His time. I may not be able to understand the reasons why it has to happen but I just cling on to His words that He will make all things beautiful in His time.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Had a dinner with my boyfriend at Inilog Grill. It's one of our favorite restaurants. We enjoy eating our favorite food while listening to the music played by the live band. I really love their pork sinigang that it made me forgot my diet.  I thank my boyfriend for the treat. I am always looking forward for another bonding moment with him.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Gift

My monthly period is delayed so I decided to buy a pregnancy test and indeed I was right, it’s positive – I am pregnant. My husband and I are both happy for this precious gift inside my womb and even my parents. They are so excited to have their first grandchild. Whatever the gender will be, we already had prepared a name for our baby. I know I need to take extra care for my health not just for me but for the precious gift inside my womb. I need to be healthy so that my baby is healthy. I am taking vitamins and I drink anmum materna regularly  which helps in the development of the baby. I can’t wait for the baby to grow and for my tummy to get bigger. So excited to feel the kicks soon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Do

September 10th  2010, 4PM. The day I said I do to the man God gave me. Goodbye singleness. Hello married life.
I was filled with mixed emotions on our big day. Tears fell from my eyes when I was about to walk on the aisle. I really can’t figure out the exact reason why I cried. Maybe I was touched by the song that was sung by my husband. All I know is that those were tears of joy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A good friend of my mine introduce the symphony. Its fascinating in the sense that it is huge and color brown. It taste great because when it melt to your tongue it seems that you still want more and more. It gives a satisfactory taste and not too much of sweet but its just having an extraordinary taste that you are craving for more. Its a Creamy Milk Chocolate with almonds and Toffee Chips. It's a Hershey's product. It will give you a satisfactory taste. Thanks to our Administrator for sharing her Symphony to us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Palangga's Birthday

My little Franzine Gee a.k.a Xsengxseng is now a big girl. I can't believe she's now grown up. I used to take care of her when she was still a baby. How time really flies. I missed her so much. I wish December is here so that we could have a time together.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding Preparations

My fiancé and I are “hands on” in preparing for our wedding. We still have wedding coordinators who help us with the preparation but we decided not to rely everything on them. We wanted a simple yet elegant wedding with a budget that is not expensive. When we decided to get married, we started to save from our earnings and place it on the bank. There are also some people who pledge to help us financially. The first thing that we purchased for our wedding are the wedding rings because my fiance had a dream that our wedding came and he realized that he forgot to buy our wedding rings. So we decided to buy our wedding rings and I kept them under my care.

Since I love to do arts and crafts, we decided to make our wedding invitations. I designed our own invitation. Thanks to the help of my fiancée’s student who edited the texts for the invitations, and to Papas and ate Grace for allowing us to print the invitations in their house. I made the envelopes for the invitations and to make it more attractive, I placed a gold ribbon and a butterfly on it.  A lot of people say that it looks elegant.  I also prepared the candles needed for the ceremony. I made some enhancements to the candle by decorating it with ribbons and butterflies. Even the matches that are to be used in lighting the candles were decorated with ribbons. I even made our own cords. We bought a two toned cord and I just decorated it to make it beautiful.

Almost everything is set for our wedding. I am so excited for that day to come.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tough Challenge

Life is tough and has a lot of challenges. There are times it seems that its too cloudy and there are times it sunny. What i am trying to convey is that whatever challenges or trials that God has given us, He has a plan and purpose. I don't need to ask why but i know as i overcome it, promotion and blessing will follow. We just need to consider that as we grew older, new challenges will come. We just need to trust God. We are an overcomer.
Every evaluation that we have in our past and even in our present of what we are today is a product of our decision that we make in life. I am not a perfect person but i am willing to change for a betterment of my life. I thank God for the strength that He has bestowed upon me, He is my strength when i am weak. And i am blessed every day in my life that i am still awake because i know that my mission in this life is not yet over.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silent Killer

I was so alarmed of the danger of having no idea about the contents of the food I am eating, as long as it taste good I just eat it. Even before i usually eat in fast food  because of the burger and french fries that my stomach craves to eat more and more of it. I am not conscious of my health before as long as my weight increases that would be better. What ever comes into my mind and i feel like eating it, i would go for it. As time goes by, many sickness and diseases are discovered. I was so shocked when our pastor's wife had a check up, the finding was already a lung cancer and it is already stage 4. I asked myself how and why this happened? I know that she is a fighter and she can recover on it. That was the time when they introduced the alternative medicine. It helped her a lot and you can't just believe it that her cancer cells were gone already, it's amazing and thank God for this.
I was educated that the illnesses or diseases that we can possibly get it from the food we eat. We might not notice it but the elements or the substance on it is killing us softly, just like in the line of a song killing me softly with this food killing me softly. One of these harmful substances are the Monosodium glutamate that makes the taste of the food even better but it is deadly because it really damages the brain cells; and Aspartame, name for an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener used as a sugar substitute in many foods and beverages . Because its breakdown products include phenylalanine, aspartame is among the many substances that must be avoided by people with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic condition. One thing that I have realized is that we only have one life to live and this life is only borrowed from our God so let's take care of it.

horror movie marathon

Thank God for this holiday. Got no work since the Philippines is celebrating our Independence Day anniversary. I'm just here in my dorm with my dorm mates. I don't have plans of going somewhere. We're just having fun watching horror films while eating our favorite chips.

Monday, June 7, 2010

wElCoMe hOmE bRo

It is like a story of a prodigal son- at last he came back. The eldest of our family went home already. It was a stormy life experience that he had with his wife. They have four children but sad to say his wife didn't allow anyone of their children to go with him. We've been praying for him to go back home but he would still insist before, to stay at their house even he is alone and hoping that her wife will still go back to his loving arms. Days and months passed by but her wife never came back and even his children, and the sad reality is that her wife is already living with another married man.
I am praying that God will give him the strength that he needs because he often have sleepless nights and crying silently for the problems he encountered. He is back home right now and regaining his strength  to be courageous enough in facing his problem and hoping that someday by God's grace, his plans will be realized.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wedding Ring

        It is a traditional way of saying that we are bonded with each other during the wedding ceremony. Time is fast approaching and can't stop it. My fiancee and I will face the big day of our lives. I had a dream that I shared with her. I dreamed about our wedding. It was really a great dream but the funny part of the dream was during the wearing of the wedding ring. When the minister asked me where is the rings, I realized that I forgot to bought it. It was a little bit funny at the same time a reminder for me to be mindful of the things needed specifically the ring. When i woke up, I told to my self that we really need to secure it first.We went to a jewelry shop and try to look for a design that would satisfy and fit in our fingers.
         Yes its true that we really need to invest on it since we are going to wear it for a lifetime. Finally we have found the design we want - simple yet elegant. A reminder of a dream is a ring which is for life. This is one of our accomplishments in our preparation for the wedding. Thank God that we have it already.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jetjet the Warcraft Player

It was May 17,2010 in the evening that we plan out to have an overnight at Joshua's place. When we went inside the house, my eyes was focused on his youngest brother who was really concentrating on the computer, I thought for a while that he was playing a simple game but when i drew near to Jason, i saw that he really enjoyed playing and a 100% focused on the game. It was a Warcraft Game. He was eagerly trying his best in protecting his territory and his characters that upon the attack of the opponent he make sure that he can defeat it.
The game was great and a lot of people are playing it also, it helps you to think well specially in planning on how to defeat your opponent. A lot of techniques and strategies on how your character will destroy the territory of the opponent. The game is really great but taking too much of your time would not be productive in your part. We just need to plan it out well but it should not be controlling our system. This what others think that it really helps them but it breaks them. In some cases for students who are addicted on this game, instead of reporting to school they were in the internet cafe playing. Its a matter on how we are going to discipline ourselves.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fun in the office

Sometimes we gotta be like kids when we are with friends. Here at the office, we are like family. We always have fun whenever we are not busy. Aside from food tripping, we always have have picture taking. We love to pose in front of the camera and post it on Friendster.Everyday for us is not just an ordinary day. We always look forward for another fun everyday.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bridal Registry

A bridal registry is a service provided by a website or retail stores to assist engaged couples in the communication of gift preferences to wedding guests. Engaged couples will list down selected items they want to receive as gifts from their guests particularly the principal sponsors and files the list to the chosen store where the desired gifts are availbale or can be bought. The couple will then inform their invited guests about the bridal registry and the chosen store. The list is then made available to the invited guests by the store. The informed invited guests may then go to the bridal registry department of the store and ask for the list for them to choose which of the listed items they wish to buy. The gift registry is updated accordingly upon the purchase of the listed item to prevent gift duplication. Bridal gift registry would be of great help both for the engaged couple and the invited guests for it helps save time for both the the giver and the recipient

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Caving Adventure

This is one of the memorable moments in my life wherein my co-teachers invited me to go caving in Initao. I was really curious about it since it's my first time in caving adventure. A lot of fears came into my mind and I just told my self that i can do it. Although there were a lot of negative feedbacks but I took it as i challenge to my self. The picture on the upper right side was taken on my way going down to the cave. It was a little bit difficult because it s too dark. I was trying my best to go down so that i could see it's beauty and what's inside the cave. Going down the cave really needs a lot of effort and of course the help of a flash light which my friend was holding while i was going down to brighten the path where I was going to. Aside from this, you need also to crawl so you can go to to the other side of the cave. There was a little danger that you might get hurt when a portion of your body will be hit by the wall of the cave since the way going through it s very narrow. That's what excites me because there are a lot of things you need to do in an extra ordinary way. Thank God for this experience. It really builds the stamina and there should be no chance to be weak in order for you to exit in this cave because it takes a lot of strength and there is this feeling of fulfillment and you can really say "WOW! this is it"! Going up to the exit also needs a lot of effort since you need to climb through the stone wall and pass through a very narrow way going outside the cave. It feels great that i was able to achieve it by trying the best that I can. The best part of this adventure is the experience of caving adventure.

Friday, May 28, 2010


JUBUSAR - I don't know if it's a gay lingo or not. But as far as I remember, my berkz (barkada/peer group) in college says that it means "abusar" or abuse in english. There are lot of ways a person can be abused. It could be physically, verbally, emotionally, etc. Anybody can abuse somebody. Employers can abuse their employees. One way of that is having them work their asses off everyday for more than the usual 8 hours that they had to and even doing work beyond their duties and job description without being paid on time. Imagine the effort of waking up very early everyday and spending your own money for fare and food just to be able to report to work. Yes! They'll have you get paid amounting to the number of hours you have rendered but they cannot pay the pain of waiting and the stressful days and nights of thinking where to get the budget to be able to survive the next days to come. Have they not thought about it or they just don't care? As what my friends say, jubusar na na! as in JUBUSAR - abusar! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baungon is the Place

This is the place of my cousin named Erva Pahunang. It's a nice place to visit but the only problem is the road because it's rough and too dusty since it is still under construction. The beauty of this place was really great since their house is located on the hillside and you can see the mountains and a lot of trees on the other side .  My fiancee and I decided to go swimming on the flowing water near their house. It was very clean and the coldness of the water was so refreshing. We also had the chance to eat native chicken and of course Tilapia, fresh from their pond. She also gave us apple mango. We did not stay too long but we really cherished the moment we had with my cousin's family. To Momi Ervs Salamat "Thank You So Much" we love you. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extreme Adventure

Extreme Adventure - a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. Some of these activities are wild river rafting, bungee jumping, zipline, etc. These type of activities require concentration and alertness. I love extreme sports eventhough I only have tried a few. My first extreme adventure was the wild river rafting. We took the advance wild river rafting which passes through 21 rapids. I was excited and nervous on that day. During the first rapids, our raft turned upside down. We all went under water. Thanks God we were able to go back to our raft safely. Because of that, we became alert and very attentive to the instructions of our guides. We survived the 21 rapids with mixed feelings of fun and excitement. After a week, I went again for another wild river rafting with my cousins. I was so confident at this time. We only took the basic rafting since my cousins were not that ready to pass through 21 rapids. Still, it was really a great experience. The latest extreme adventures I had was in Danao Extreme Adventure Park in Bohol. I had the chance to experience the skyride and suislide (zipline). The skyride was not that extreme compared to the suislide. The suislide ride was really a breath-taking experience. I really enjoyed the experience of going to the other hill and back with the use of cables as if we were flying like birds. I still want to experience the suislide again and again. Next time I'll be in Bohol, I will never miss the experience of extreme sports in Danao. By the plants (bungee jumping), wait for me. I'm coming, soon.. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


It was May 23,2010 that i decided to take another step in our relationship.Facing the parents of my fiancee and her relatives and formally put things into proper perspective which is the "WEDDING". This is what we called pamalayi or pamanhikan. I am so blessed for the support of my family who really shared their time, efforts and love. Even to our papas - Ptr John and te Grace for all out support and prayer. I become who i am today because of these people who help me a lot in my daily walks in life. It was really great that both parties met and had a fellowship together. We also announced the preparations we had for the wedding, the wedding date and venue, and the people who will take part in the celebration.
The blueprints of the wedding plans are drawn or made known during this occasion. The pamanhikan is often hosted by the bride's family as the groom and his folks visit them to formally ask their daughter’s hand in marriage and discuss plans for the upcoming wedding over dinner. This can be an uneasy situation if it's the first time for both parties to meet. The soon-to-weds may feel a little awkward (nervous even) seeing and listening to their parents consult each other on matters like their wedding budget, guest list and the like.I just pray that all things work together for good for those who love God.

Friday, May 21, 2010

2nd Anniversary

May 19,2010 is our second year in our relationship. A time to reminisce the moments for what has been achieved. There are a lot of problem that were hurdled and thank God with His wisdom and strength we overcome it and by that we become victorious . I am so blessed to have a partner in life to be in the person of Chrisanne Abaa, she is really great to be with and a loving person, she is also a God fearing person.
I am thankful celebrating with her eventhough i was not feeling well at that time because i was having a sinusitis but its not about what i felt at that time but what matters most is the time we have shared together. To my palangga i love you so much and thank God for giving you to me.Happy Second Anniversary!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SUNGKA is the name of the Game

It is a traditional Filipino game where it needs technique and strategies to win the game. It seems simple but it needs your mind to work on what moves you are going to make. It was May 16, 2010  when Rj and Ray played the game well. It was quite good and fun. I played this game 3 years ago. I find it good and a little bit relaxed but it needs your mind to think well. This game is also called "Bantumi". Filipinos love this game because of the substance in it. They use either shell or marble. To be more specific regarding the description and rules of the games this is the site where it helps you a lot just search the Sungka and it will give you the details about the game. Try and you will enjoy the game.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Awesome Bohol

Bohol is an island province located in the Central Visayas Region. The province is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful beaches and resorts, the chocolate hills, the Loboc river, tarsiers, and many others. I really longed to visit Bohol since I was still in grade school. This dream came into realization last year when my elder cousin accompanied me to her trip in Bohol. I was really amazed when I looked at the chocolate Hills. We were able to visit other beautiful places such as Loboc river, Panglao Beach, the man-made forest, Hinagdanan cave, the sipatan bridge, the tarsiers, the python, and many others. I told myself, I will be going back to this place. My wish was granted last March when a sister of my mother sponsored a family trip to Bohol. I was really happy. We were able to visit other wonderful places we have not visited during my first trip. We went to Sagbayan Peak and had an extreme adventure at the Danao Extreme Adventure park. We had a skyride (cable car) and suislide (zipline) for the first time. I was really happy and we really had a great trip. Thanks to our sponsor. I wish someday, when I go back to Bohol, I can bring along with me my PJ. :)

Today is another Day

Every day is a blessing from our God. As i move on to my life and do my daily task i see to it that all things work together for good for the love of God. I cherish that as my life keep on extending i know that i still have a purpose to accomplish. Problems arises but i will be positive on this matter because it help me to be a victorious person. I will face this with courage because i have a bigger God.
I am so blessed with this lyrics of this song that say, God is to wise to be mistaken, God is to good to be unkind and when you don't understand and you can't see His plan and if you can't trace His hands, Trust His heart. Today is another day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nanay..Mom...Mama...Mamita... Mother

Mother - One of the best people in the whole wide world. A man’s loving partner, best friend, confidante, the family’s treasurer, comforter, source of emotional strength - rolled into one. A mother can do everything and anything just to protect the welfare of the children and the whole family. Our father’s loving partner in giving us the best. To be a mother is not an easy role. Bearing and protecting a child inside the womb for nine months, taking care of the child from pregnancy, during birth, until the child grows. We should be grateful and thankful to God for giving us our mother. Let’s not wait for any special occasion for us to say how much we are grateful to her.
Many people are not that vocal in saying “thank you” and “I love you” to their mother as well as to their father. We should learn how to express our love and gratitude to our mother in words, not just in words, but as well as in our actions. We just don’t’ know how much joy these simple things can bring to them. Let’s not take for granted our mothers. They may have scolded/reprimanded us many times, they might have hurt us emotionally and physically, our thoughts may not be the same as their thoughts, we may have experienced clashing of ideas and preferences, they might have not given us all the material things that we want, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love us.
We should also evaluate ourselves why those things have happened because a mother cannot afford to hurt her child intentionally and without any reason. Our mother loved and cared for us and all they wanted is our best. We should not forget that they have given the best proof of their love for us: that is bearing and putting their life at risk just for us to be borne. For those whose mother is still here, express how grateful and how much you love her while you still can and while your mother can still appreciate the joy you will give to her. Belated Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms and thank God for the blessing of giving you to your husband and to your children.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 AUTOMATED ELECTION: Effective or not?

A lot of speculations arose before the coming of the 2010 automated election. Since it is the first time for the Filipino people to vote using automated machines, some were hesitant, a lot were excited, and most people were intrigued. Will the cheating be ended? Will the machines work? Will the voting be consuming a little time? Or will it be the same as the previous elections we had in the past years? People became worried that there will still be cheating because people are aware that the machine will be using CF cards to store the data of the election results. They believed that there is a tendency that the CF cards already contain data or that the data can be hacked by experts. Few days before the election, some problems arose especially during the testing of the PCOS machines. Some PCOS machines have problems. Voters are also worried since the nation is experiencing power interruptions, there might be a worse scenario of a power block out during the election.
Election Day came. As early as 6 in the morning, many voters were excited to come to their voting precinct to vote. They expected that the flow of the voting will not take too long. They were so excited to vote for their bets. It took too long for us just to look for our voting precincts since there is a clustering of more than two precincts. We have to look for our names on the list of voters posted on the wall outside each clustered precinct room. The list of voters name is not that visible especially to those who don’t have a perfect 20-20 vision and to those who are senior citizens. The font sizes of the text are too small and the printing is not that clear. After we have found and know our precincts, we have to wait again to be accommodated. We have to wait for our time to be accommodated in the verification of voters. Election officials assigned in the verification have to look for our names in the file of documents, make some comparisons of those stuffs that need to be compared, voters have to sign and after signing, wait again to be able to get inside the precinct and vote. Priority numbers were issued but to my observation, it didn’t help the situation. Some election personnel were not using their common sense in accommodating the voters who already have priority numbers. The have to wait for all the voters inside to finish voting before they call for another batch. Why didn’t they call another voter to occupy the place of the one who already have voted? Why wait for the room to be emptied before they call for another batch of voters? Imagine? For over an hour, they only have accommodated less than 30 voters. Some voters were irritated and have decided to go home. There were many negative feedbacks about the election. Some say that the manual election is better than the automated one. Some PCOS machine won’t work. Ballots were not accepted by the machine. Circles to be shaded in the ballot are too small. People expected that it would be a little bigger just like the ones in the sample ballot. With that, it would be easier for the voters especially the senior citizens to do the shading. The COMELEC should have also posted ahead of time, maybe at least two or three days before the election day, the list of voters assigned in each clustered precinct for them to go directly to the their assigned room and not spend too much time looking for their names. We can still consider these things since it’s our first time to have an automated election. Since we already practice automation, everything should be high-tech. Why still look for the names of the voters in their bulky hard copies if we can have it thru computers. A personal computer, a scanner or a biometric machine and a signature pad are all we need to make things easier. Come to think about it. Maybe if you have the common sense, you know what I am trying to convey.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Election 2010

Election is one of the highlights in our country this year. This is the moment wherein we exercise our freedom to express our rights, to be aware of what is happening in our country and to be part of the change that our Mother Nation is longing for. All of the things that are happening while we are still preparing for May 10- the Election Day where very alarming. The different issues with regards to the use of 1st time 100% nationwide automated election in our country; how the people behind with this said event handles all of the of the issues so to assure the people in the Philippines that we are going to experience this CHANGE and still the same problem that we encounter on every election day
This are some of the problems that we always face during election, and yesterday sad to say was still the same, although the method was different, we can already have the result for a short time but still the people who where out there still are facing this problems.I for myself experienced it, the process was chaotic and messy i was thinking that we where in a market place at that time, fortunately we where lucky because the PCOS machine in our precinct didn't experience any problem yesterday. Not like the other precinct it was already 3pm but still they where in the #60 of their priority number because of the machine was not working properly.It was not good, for first time but still we have to be vigilant, open-minded and be ready for further changes that we are going to experience in the future.Hope that all of the happenings this election will be a stepping stone for the next event and Hope that in the coming future we will taste the true and sincere CHANGE for the betterment or our nation.

PCOS Machine

The Philippines before are using the manual system for counting a ballots in the election. It takes time for them to count every result in the precinct and after that it will be consolidated again in the national. For them to give the result correctly it takes month or weeks to declare who won for the election. As the Philippines is adopting the automated system this year, it took the challenge for the counting to be easier and faster. Precinct Count Optical Scan (PICOS) machines will help the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that their job would be effortless in terms of counting since the machine will do it automatically as soon as you are done inserting the paper.
There are a lot of issues since this is the first time that the Philippines shift to automation. It is also an assessment if it will be effective in giving the result of the election. But the question is, does it really help? The answer is YES. We just need to accept that nothing is too perfect, it is only by giving a chance or a room for improvement that we need to consider. It is through suggestion and proper planning that will work it out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Kissed COKE Addiction Goodbye

I used to be a coke addict. I really love its taste just like everybody does. I love its thirst quenching effect. I always crave for coke especially if I eat meat and junk foods. But I have to discipline myself. I have to stop this addiction. The more I tried to stop, the more my system craves for more. When I was diagnosed of hypertension, the doctor told me that I have to stop drinking coke. I obeyed his advice. I was able to control my cravings and I had successfully said no to coke for two months. Imagine not tasting your favorite drink for 2 months straight. Sad to say but it only lasted for 2 months. I went back to being a coke addict and this time even worse. I remembered drinking more than 1 liter of coke in just a day; and even drinking without eating my meal. Because of that, I suffered pain evrytime I urinate. A cousin of mine told me it's because of UTI caused by drinking too much coke and eating too much salty foods. I told myself, I really have to stop my addiction. And now, it's been more than 2 months since the last time I tasted my favorite COKE. I feel as if I already have forgotten its taste. I'm not against COKE or any other softdrinks. I'm not saying that I won't drink it anymore. Maybe I'll be tasting it again during special occasions. What I'm trying to convey is that we just have to discipline ourselves. Just like in the commercial ads for liquors, we just have to DRINK MODERATELY. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am getting married a few months from now. I am so thankful to God for giving me a man who really loves me for who and what I am and whom I love. When I was young, I already have set standards in choosing a lifetime partner but my fiancée is a bit different from my dreamed ideal man. Even though he doesn’t meet all the criteria that I am looking for in a man, all I know is that He is the man God has prepared for me.  I really thank God for giving me a partner who loves God more than me and a person who puts God first above everything. He is a big help in nurturing my spiritual life and I really learn a lot from him. I know that there are a lot of trials that lies ahead but we both believed that everything will turn out right because God is in the center of our relationship.

Friday, May 7, 2010

You're Special

We started last night the topic You are Special at the light house located at Barra-Opol, I was the one sharing about it. I was reminded that the life that was given to us has a purpose and God's plan out everything for us to enjoy what we have right now. One of the illustration is the watch, if you are going to look at it outwardly you may appreciate the design but the internal structure of it has a lot of planning specially that each part should be synchronized and compatible for it to work well. The same with a house, first it needs to have a good structure before you are going to put the roof. In some how it is the same with our life. I myself should say that i am a masterpiece of God, He really molded my life and take care of it, even when i was still young and even in my mothers womb, He allowed me to live and that is to give Him glory. I can say that whoever you are and whatever you are, God created you and you are special to Him. I am a workmanship of God and I am special.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vacation in Singapore

It was last year May 26,2009 that this place really gives a remarkable memory to my life. It was really great to venture to some country wherein you will be amazed of the beauty and the culture of the people. I was so impressed also of the discipline that the government has implemented to this country. It is a small country but in terms of their economy it shows that the progress is really great. People are busy in terms of their work, there are a lot of buildings and they give beauty at night.
I am still planning to go back into that place and hopefully staying for good.

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