Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby's First Pajama Night

This month, the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church celebrates the Kids Month. Me and my husband are busy preparing activities for the kids since we are both in the children's ministry., me as a teacher and my husband the chairperson. Yesterday, we had the children's pajama night. Everyone's excited. As a teacher, I want to be with the kids during this event since we were not able to join last year because I was still pregnant. When I chatted with Jackie who's also a mom of a cute baby boy were chatting at the office, we decided to join the pajama night. We were excited to see what our babies reaction would be.

My baby was so amazed to see a lot of kids at the church. He was not able to sleep early. He was very happy to see everyone enjoying their activities. He used to sleep around 7 o'clock but during the pajama party, he stayed up late. He was able to sleep at 11pm and manage to wake up early at 5:30 this morning. My baby Ceejay and Jackie's baby Jeush were the youngest participant of the activity.. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Meet Maxine - my first big type of dog. She is a golden retriever puppy but she's bigger and heavier than my poodle and shih tzu dam and sire. She's really a friendly dog. Thanks to my hubby for this gift.

Monday, October 15, 2012

copy kids

Children are really great imitators. They love to imitate what other people are doing. They want to eat what other kids are eating. Just like my baby, he wants to eat when he sees us eating. When he was on his sixth month, he had his first taste of food. He was hesitant at first. He was just able to take a little until one week. I have noticed that his appetite grow each week. He became more excited during meal time. He wants to eat the foods that we ate but I don't allow him since he is still a baby except fruits and vegetables. He loves to eat smashed fruits and vegetables. I am so thankful that I don't have a problem when it comes to feeding my baby. When I received my copy of the DVD Copy Kids, I was so excited to see my baby's reaction. As we were watching the video, I was observing my baby's reaction. He was salivating upon watching the different kids eating the vegetable. So I paused the video for a while and prepared some carrots for him. Then we went back on watching the video with a slice of boiled carrot in his hand. He began eating while watching the video. 

Copy kids really works! They were right. It really help children develop their eating habits. So for those mommies out there who are having problems about their children's eating habit, it's time for you to grab a copy of the video and I'm sure, you'll children will learn to eat the foods the children on the video are eating.

Monday, October 1, 2012

This is it! My free Copy Kids DVD

When I got home from work last Friday, my baby's nanny handed me the receipt of the house rental and a claim card from the the post office. There was a stamp receipt on the upper right portion dated September 6, 2012. It means, the post office personnel received the parcel on that day and I wonder why it took it so long for them to notify me. But anyway, it's okay. I was just wondering where the said parcel came from since the sender is not indicated on the claim card. 

So I went to the post office today to get the parcel. It was my free copy of the DVD of the Copy Kids. Wow, I am so excited to watch the video and see my baby's reaction. But the problem is, our DVD player is not working. I need to have it fixed. I hope I can have it fixed the soonest possible time so I could watch the DVD together with my baby. But if not, I still have another options, I might borrow a portable DVD player from a friend or we'll just watch it at my cousin's house. I am really excited.

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