Saturday, September 22, 2012

Instant OB Gyne

My shih tzu dog was having labor pains which started last night. She was not able to sleep well the whole night. She kept on walking to and fro. He keeps on urinating maybe because of the pain she felt. I could remember the time when i was in labor pains when i was about to give birth to my baby. I cannot explain the pain as if you bones at the back are breaking. I know Queenie (my dog) was in extreme pain.

Early this morning, my husband prepared the crib which Queenie will use in giving birth.  Since he needs to go to work, he instructed me on what to do if Queenie gives birth and he's not yet at home. I was afraid of the idea of assisting the dog in her delivery but i had no choice. I was hoping that the dog will give birth when my husband comes home from work but it didn't happen. So I prepared the necessary things to be used. I was screaming since I don't like to see blood. Thank God I survived, I didn't faint. The delivery of the 2 puppies was successful. I am so proud of myself. I couldn't believe I did it!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pursuing A Degree

A friend of mine want  to pursue a college degree since she was not able to finish one due to early marriage.  But the problem is she don’t have the time to go to a university/college to attend classes because of the fact that her residence is quite far from the city where the universities and colleges are located. Another problem for her is that she is “hands-on”  in taking care of her daughter so it would be impossible for her to leave her daughter for several hours just to attend classes. If she enrolls in a university/college, she would have less time to be with her daughter and she’s not yet prepared for it. She is sure that she would be absent minded inside the class. Good thing almost everything is possible with technology. Through the power of internet, everything seems easy and possible. She may be living away from the city but she is not deprived of internet access. Thanks to online educational program, her dream of pursuing a college degree without the hassle of leaving her daughter is within reach. Through the internet, she now has the opportunity to enroll in an on line school and finish a degree she wanted. She is now doing research on which is the best on line school where she could possibly enroll herself.

Page Rank 4/10

It's been a while since the last time I visited my blog. I was very busy these past few days doing office works. I just had the chance to open my blog today and to my surprise, my page rank raised to 4! Whew! What a surprise. I wasn't really expecting that my page rank will reach this far since it was 0/10 the last time I opened it few weeks ago. I really can't believe it when I saw it. To satisfy my confusion, I checked my PR over and over again, and yes, it's really 4/10. I am really happy with this. :)

How To Lose Weight Fast

Millions of people especially women all over the world are struggling to lose weight and I am one of them. Fats can easily be gained but hard to get rid especially for working/busy moms like me. There are a lot of reasons why we gained extra weight. Lack of physical exercise, slow metabolism, frequent eating of unhealthy foods, and aging are just a few reasons.  In my case, I gained extra weight during pregnancy. When we gain weight, we start to feel discomfort.

What can we do about these extra fats? The answer is to eliminate them. 

But how?

There is a wide variety of weight lose program we can see on the television and in the internet. There are different weight lose diet plans, work outs, and even surgeries offered to eliminate unwanted fats. I have tried a few which gradually decreases my weight but the problem is I am impatient and sometimes I feel like giving up. Food craving often comes when we want to lose weight. Tempting foods are everywhere. These are the problems we always face when we want to lose weight. But there is a solution for these. Appetite suppressant is the answer. It will help us feel less hungry. When we eat less, it just means less fat. So why worry about the extra weight gained when we actually have this option of losing weight the easy way.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soothing Baby's Tender Gums

My baby didn’t have a problem when he had his first tooth. But now, he’s having some sleepless nights and he often cries at midnight. He also lose a little of his appetite due to tender gums. He doesn’t like to eat. I was really worried. Then I remember my sister mentioning a gel that really helps soothes tender gums. So I immediately went to a drug store and bought Xylogel. It really help my baby relieve the pain he suffers in teething. Now hes’ having his appetite back. 

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