Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hyperventilation Syndrome, There you go again

It's been three years since I suffered hyperventilation syndrome. That was during the time I was suffering from hypertension. I had difficulty in breathing. I had to breathe deeply as if I was running out of air. I always feel dizzy and always had a headache. So I decided to have my blood pressure check. I was so shocked when my BP's high. So I decided to see a cardiologist to be sure. I was diagnosed of having "Hypertension". Laboratory tests were conducted. I was not allowed to eat the foods I used to eat, foods that I always love to eat. I could only eat fish and vegetables. I was not allowed to eat oily foods; drink caffeinated drinks. I was not even allowed to drink chocolate drinks. I was still allowed to eat chocolates but only dark choco.  I really had a very healthy diet. Because of that, I was able to trim down excess/unwanted fats. I had a healthier and slimmer body. I no longer suffered from hyperventilation syndrome. Years passed and I was back to eating unhealthy foods. I was no longer careful with my diet. I was so confident because everytime I have my BP check, it was always normal. I was no longer hyperventilated. Not until today, just this morning, that I was having difficulty in breathing. I was hyperventilated. I know it's because of my diet which is no longer health. I then came to realize that I need to go back to my healthy diet. I need to be healthy because I have a baby to take care of. It's not just for my own benefit but for everyone I love: My family.

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